About Our Project


Dreams from Afar is the current major project for Engineer Living .com. It delves into the culture and aspirations of the people of a variety of countries through the lens of the everyday citizens and foreigners we come across in our travels.

The idea was born from the idea of the American Dream. The idea that there is so much opportunity in America that if you worked hard you could have a better life than your parents and your children could have a better life than you.

However, America couldn’t be the only country that someone could have a good life. What drives the citizens of other countries? In other words what are the Dreams from Afar.

Our interview process is informal. We simply talk to anyone around and try to get a feel about where they are from, what their past was like, what they do now, what they want to do in the future, and how all that relates to their culture. Surprisingly, people love to talk about their life and we get some very interesting insights. We hope by coupling our interviews with amazing location photos and videos we provide you with a fascinating window into the people and places of the world.